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    Silent Training Choke Collar

    Do you want a perfect training collar for your perfect dog? Far superior to metal choke collars, the Silent Training Choke Collar protects dogs from unnecessary discomfort, fur damage, and the elements. The Silent Training Collar, made of 6 mm round special line, is perfect for obedience training. It is fast, quiet and effective. Today everyone buys them. Here’s why:

    • No fur damage (especially important for show dogs)
    • Solid brass rings protect dogs with nickel or chromium allergies
    • Reasonable cost
    • Tough but flexible composition allows dogs to play and nip at each other without tooth damage
    • Collar temperature is constant, providing more comfort during extreme heat or cold than metal choke collars
    • Light weight is more comfortable than metal chain choke collars

    Measure the dog’s neck with tape measure and add 3-5 cm (approximately 1-2 inches).

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